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We create travel experiences: individual, emotional and smart.

We totally reinvented the guidebook and came up with a personalized travel guide for the digital age!

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Take a first look at our design, functionality and usability. And enjoy the preview of Marble Blue – our guide, where all our energy goes into.

All you need is Highlights to inspire, Places for planning and Backgrounds to get fully informed.

Get inspired by lovely handpicked compiled highlights that travelers from around the world experienced.

Collect all the places you want to visit on your Journey.

Arrange all the places to create your personal itinerary.

Easily adjust your route whenever your plans change.

Every Place provides you recommendations, highlights and backgrounds.

Based on your interests, needs and tastes, we provide you with personalized travel guidance and tips at all times.

Get live recommendations based on your current weather conditions, time and location.

Always get the right recommendation at the right time and the right place.

You can access your information even without an internet connection.

and all this specially designed for your mobile device.

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Take a first look at design, functionallity and usability. And enjoy the preview of Marble Blue – your guide, where our daily lifeblood flows in.

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