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We're just two backpackers competing with the giants to make travelling easier, smarter and yours. This is where it starts.

Everything started in rickety buses, on steep mountain trails or at paradise beaches somewhere in the world - in other words - travelling.

In 2011 Robert Goesch and his girlfriend went on a coast-to-coast excursion from New York City to San Francisco. During their 52-day trip they visited 12 cities, 4 national parks and crossed 16 states by hitchhiking, car-pooling, buses and trains. 38 nights were dedicated to couch surfing, 5 nights were spent in a car, 5 more were spent at a hostel, twice they snuggled up on a train, once on a bus and they even spent a night on a park bench in the abandoned ghost town of Kingman. All in the entire trip only cost each person 1800 Euros and it went on to become their biggest adventure.

That same year, Felix Kasiske and his life long friends travelled from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Quito, Ecuador. They marked 8 travel destinations on their map and then connected the dots, which made up for a totally absurd travel route across South America. On the way they encountered friendly people, adventurous travel conditions and amazing landscapes only Mother Nature could provide. They got sick, were robbed, were asked to consider marriage proposals, climbed the Chimborazo, and unintentionally ended up on Bolivian television. But most importantly they learned that you don't need much in life to truly be happy.

We were equipped with one backpack and armed with one camera to go out and discover the world, in all of its facets, as closely as possible. The experiences we collected during these trips became a few months later the stepping-stones to an absolutely groundbreaking idea that we just couldn't let go. At the time, we were all searching for the true meaning of 'seize the moment'. We wanted to live in the moment, embrace life and all of its surprises, and at the end have our own very personal tale to tell. But how were we supposed to do that if we all had gotten the exact same travel guide? Shouldn't a travel guide be at our disposal and not the other way around?

That's how the idea of having a personalized travel guide came about; one that would provide real information at the right place and at the right time. Authentic, reliable and honest, just like your friends. The time to finally fulfill our dream came early 2013. We took on the challenge and gave up our jobs to move to Cologne with the one and only goal: to come up with the best travel guide of all times. We took a risk and it's paying off. We're on the right path and it feels damn good...
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